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Magical experience of Panchakarma restore your vigour & vitality.



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8  Total Ayurvedic Project Consultancy
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8  Conducts Ayurvedic Consultation Europe & US
We are in the field of Ayurveda for the last 150 years, in the field of manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicines since 1924, in the field of Ayurvedic hospital for the last 25 years.

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A complete health concept is fulfilled only when the body and mind are in equilibrium to its natural state. According to Ayurveda concept of healthy individual as follows;

"Sama Dosha samagni sama dhathu malakriya
Prasanna atma
indriya mana swastha
This is the famous quotation taken from Susrutha samhitha about healthy individual (“Swastha”). That means “Doshas” (Basic functional Elements of the body) along with “Dhatus” (Basic structural elements) and “Malas” (Excretory products) should function properly and at the same time your mind must be also in excellent condition to attain good health. read more...
Infertility Clinic - Ayurtoday   Give a healthy progeny; mentally and physically. read more...
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Yoga Therapy - Ayurtoday   Combine your knowledge of yoga with an Ayurvedic perspective. read more...
Yoga Therapy    
Dental Turism - Ayurtoday   Cut down the costs for your dental treatment and enjoy the beauty of Kerala in the serenity of Ayurveda. read more...
Dental Tourism    
Traditional Programmes Ayurtoday   Culture /heritage and art. A peeping into the rich and ancient tradition of Kerala. read more...
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Ayurveda is a "holistic science" of preserving health, which harmonizes Body, mind and soul.

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